How Can We Define Persistence?

Dec 05, 2021

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, persistence is defined as “the act or fact of not giving up or letting go.” It’s the ability to continue trying even against difficult times or opposition.

In other words, when you persevere, you keep going even when the odds are stacked against you. No matter what! :-)

It’s no wonder, then, that persistence is the distinguishing factor that defines whether an outcome will be successful or not.

However, some people aren’t born with that fire in their bellies.

So, they either give up or don’t bother putting in the effort.

Then, there’s the other group of people who pay close attention. Then, they work hard and assimilate everything they’ve learned.

It’s the first group we need to worry about. Those who don’t even try or give up too soon are selling themselves and their communities short.

So, to sum up:

Without persistence, we get two groups of people:

1. the successful and

2. the not-so-successful.

You have to decide which group you want to be in. That’s when your journey truly begins.

Meditate every day to become the best version of yourself!

Thank you to be with me!

I see you in my next blog.

Make it Shine and Be Your Best.