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Joyful Minds

Relaxing Music. 


Every week we bring three new inspirational videos for you to relax, meditate and sleep better, so you can focus on your dreams.

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Joyful Minds 

Relaxing Music 


Enjoy all our music, accompanied by beautiful images to truly help you relax, meditate, sleep, study and focus on your dreams.

The videos vary in length from 10-minutes to over 8-hours.

We created this special Youtube Channel to support you, your friends, co-workers and your family to increase emotional and mental health, reducing all the levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

And more than that: to inspire you to be in your best to bring your gifts to the world.

It's time for you to relax, meditate and sleep better. Get a clear mind to focus on your dreams with our Youtube Channel Joyful Minds Relaxing Music.


Healing Music


Our world-class composers produce relaxing music, combined with solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats to help you:


  • relax
  • meditate
  • sleep better
  • have more focus
  • concentration
  • recharge yourself
  • heal and
  • rejuvenate


Inspirational Videos


Enjoy each video that we carefully produce for you every week.

We love creating special motions and selecting footage and imagery from some of the most beautiful locations in our Planet. 

1 Hour Videos


3 Hours Videos


8 Hours Videos

Sleep Better

Our mission is to connect millions of people to elevate the vibration of the Planet for a frequency of Love, Joy, Abundance and Peace.


All change starts from our inner world. And as a community of Joyful Minds, we can create a huge wave of wellness to heal and awaken the whole world for us to build a better place for this and for the future generations.

We are here to inspire you to be in the flow and keep yourself in high frequencies to make your dreams come true.

Let's live in Love, Joy and Above.

That's how we heal ourselves to heal the world.


Joyful Minds Relaxing Music

Relax, Meditate and Sleep Better

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