Are you trying to bring the magic back in your relationship?

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • Your relationship was so amazing in the beginning, but the sex drive is gone?
  • Or maybe you as a woman still have that sex drive but your partner doesn’t look for you anymore as the same way he used to flirt with you before?
  • As a man, would you like to have more intimacy with your partner, but she is with headache and tired most of the time?
  • As a woman, you feel you do everything for everyone and are exhausted?
  • As a woman, you feel unheard and not understood by your man?
  • ​As a man, no matter what you do to please her she never seems happy?
  • You know you want to be a calmer and more loving parent?
  • ​Your single and you keep attracting the same type of lover?
  • You know things need to change but are waiting for your partner to agree?
  • ​You know your relationship has stalled and you do not know how to restart it?

If you are willing to change your relationship from existing to loving again, from non-sex drive to feeling desirable and hot again, there is a way out!

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Come to find the wisdom in harnessing your inner power. You will discover that Two is much more powerful than one.

The King & Queen Couples Retreat with Mrs Joy is presented at the Eco Beach Resort, 1-hour from Broome, Western Australia.

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