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MRS JOY is well known for her Transformative Silent Retreats in Broome – Australia, one of the most beautiful and energizing places in the world.

Students have travelled from several places from Australia and all over the world for a unique experience that combines the art of silence, the power of meditation, the balance of yoga, the blessings of the nature, and the healing of music.

Do you want to go deeper in your healing and inner transformation? Be part of MRS JOY’s Transformational Silent Retreat in Broome – Australia.

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One of the most important self-regulation tools for your inner healing and transformation is called silence. When combined with nature and other practices, as yoga and meditation, we are able to co-create an incredible space away from the distraction, stimulation, and stress of normal life. 

MRS JOY’s Silent Retreat creates the perfect conditions for deep rest, insight, healing, and clarity that you need. You will experience a recharge from inside out in a unique way, spiritual connection, and the reprogramming of your subconscious mind. 


Our Retreat creates a supportive environment for you to blossom in your spiritual journey and find the inner peace that you deserve. You will naturally learn how to create coherence between your mind and heart to find the freedom you are looking for.

MRS JOY’s Silent Retreat is a unique opportunity for you to recharge yourself in the quietness of the nature and nourish your reflective presence in the power of now. You will open yourself for the healing space you need to make your life meaningful. 

 It’s time to re-connected with the truth of your real self.

Do you want to build the life you love?

Come to us and give a quantum leap in your vibrational field to attract the life of your dreams. 

Immerse Yourself In The Nature with MRS JOY’s Silent Retreat in Broome – Western Australia.

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