A Passionate World-Change Entrepreneur, Journalist, Author, Life & Executive Coach, Singer and Songwriter. I am Founder of Joyful Minds Training, Wellbeing Time Meditation (WTM), Wellbeing Time USA Store and MRS JOY's Academy.


We help thousands of people worldwide with our online trainings specialised in Wellbeing & Mental Health, High Performance & Success, Meditation & Mindfulness, with everything science-based in CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuroscience.

Our mission with Joyful Minds Training is to empower youth and adults to self-regulate their emotional and mental health for them to thrive in life. And more: to inspire them to bring their gifts to the world.

It's time to build the leaders of tomorrow!

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Founder of Joyful Minds Training to empower Youth to thrive in life.

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According with the World Health Organization, 20% of Youth experience mental illness worldwide. Stress, anxiety, eating disorder, low-self-esteem and depression are the biggest causes of our social dilemma, as higher alcohol use, tobacco, drugs, loneliness and suicide.

If untreated, these conditions will prohibit their potential to live successfully and will only influence the repeat of these negative cycles to future generations.

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Joyful Minds Online Training

Helps to increase your mental health by simplifying science-based self-regulation tools, like meditation, mindfulness and CBT - Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy. Everything is based in neuroscience to give the best results for you to thrive in life.


Our first goal is to train 1 million Youth with Joyful Minds Online Training, helping them to enhance inner skills, such as self-confidence, self-esteem and self-regulation.

Since 2020, Joyful Minds started a global movement to help Foundations focused in Youth with Joyful Minds Online Training.

Our vision is:

Over 1 million Youth trained and empowered globally

Over 30 International Foundations to adopt Joyful Minds as part of their program

Over 50 countries receiving the benefits of Joyful Minds Training

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If you are a foundation

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If you are a foundation

If you are a foundation focused in Youth and Personal Empowerment, Joyful Minds Online Training has the mental health solution and success recipe to help your teens, staff and trainees to thrive. Check out:



If you are a parent

If you are a parent and need help to deal with your children and teenagers, we have your back with Joyful Minds Training and other online courses inside of MRS JOY's Academy.

MINDFULNESS FOR PARENTING: Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

JOYFUL MINDS FOR KIDS: Creative Games for Emotional Intelligence

JOYFUL MINDS TRAINING FOR TEENS: Self-Regulation tools for Mental Health


If you are a school teacher

If you are a school teacher and would like to bring Joyful Minds Online Training to your staff and your students, you can learn more about here.



If you want a new career or add to your curriculum

Dive in this journey with me. In my Joyful Minds Training Teacher Certificate you will learn special tools about Meditation, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics. Bring life-change practices into your life and in the lives of your clients, in a practical and transformational way. Receive an International Diploma that will give credibility in your field, for you to thrive even more in your career. 



If you are a friend

If you are a friend of a Youth or a family member that are experiencing mental illness like stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, you can make Joyful Minds Online Training to help them, invite them to join you or give as a gift. 



If you want to become a Joyful Minds Training VIP Volunteer

If you want to be part of a cause that benefits people’s lives, empowering Teens to thrive, you are in the right place. Give purpose to your life helping young people to bring their gifts to the world. Visit our Volunteer Training to check how to be selected and be part of the Joyful Minds Training VIP Volunteers.



"Joyful Minds Training has changed my life in many ways. I became more calm and relaxed and because of my inner-transformation, my whole family changed. I understood the philosophy of Gandhi: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world". Valery - Switzerland

Why Complete a Joyful Minds Training?

Everything starts from inside of you. Flourish self-love is essential to receive what you want.

You will learn inner skills and self-education to offer solutions for mental health problems.

Joyful Minds Online Training is evidence-based and structured in scientific research.

Transform Your life. Inspire Your Family. Heal The World. Join a community of Joyful Minds that thrives with emotional and mental health skills.



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