As a woman… single, divorced, married or in a relationship:

Are you feeling lonely and lost?

Are you tired of doing things for everyone else and never putting yourself in the first place?

Are you feeling drained and overwhelmed for being in a toxic relationship where you never feel seen, heard or understood?

Are you feeling your libido low?

Or do you have lots of sex drive, but you don’t know what to do with it?

Are you feeling without purpose in your life?

Do you hear your inner voice saying you are here for something greater, but you don’t know how to channel your divine power?

So, take a deep breath Gorgeous Wonder Woman
because Mrs. Joy got your back!

If you are ready to say Enough is Enough, take your sit right now in The Mighty Queen Retreat that Mrs. Joy prepared specially for you.

It’s time to learn how to rescue your feminine power and how to build the life that you love to live.

It’s enough of been living the life of others. It’s time to build the life that has your design.

In this retreat Mrs. Joy will reveal a secret weapon that will increase your sensuality, your sexuality, and your libido for you to Evoque all your goddess power.

Mrs. Joy created a reliable RTS – Rapid Transformative System, where you will be able to unleash your inner power. You have so much light and love to share. It’s time to remove all the fear, pain and years of suffering that are limiting your true potential.

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Ready to say Enough is Enough?

This amazing and life-changing retreat happens  in Broome, only twice a year. The vacancies are limited, so be sure to guarantee your place as soon as our cart is open. Register now for our waiting list.

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Retreat Dates

Starts: Friday, 8am.
Finishes: Sunday, 6pm.

January 2024

Dates: 15, 16, 17 January    Fully Booked

Easter March 2024

Dates: 29, 30, 31 March 2024

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