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MRS JOY & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


MRS JOY is volunteer of The Art of Living since 2011. In 2015 she interviewed the humanitarian leader in his Ashram in Germany.

MRS JOY also participated in several events with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Brazil, and she also became part of his band. 

In that time MRS JOY composed an Album with mantras of love called "I Belong To You".

"I dedicate this Album to Guruji, Rajesh Jagasia, and all the volunteers from The Art of Living that taught me that the world is a big family. Thank You Guruji". - MRS JOY

Those are the songs she will sing with you in her Music & Meditation Enlightening Shows.


"I never imagined that meditation would open the gifts of my soul. I never imagined I would start singing and composing songs when I was 33. Now I am 44 and after 10 years composing songs without stopping, all those songs want to be brought to the world. It's inevitable. It's bigger than me. I invite you to learn my songs. They are simple and easy to learn. I invite you to become my band! Together we can heal the world with your heart and my heart", shares MRS JOY.


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MRS JOY is Deeksha Giver since 2014 and she transmits the awakening energy through her voice and songs.


In 2014 MRS JOY became a Deeksha Giver with the OM Master Bhaskar, in Brazil. Since then, she transmites the awakening Deeksha energy through her voice and songs.


"In my Music & Meditation Enlightening Shows I transmit my Kundalini Deeksha Activation to all participants. The side effect of awakening is contagious and connects us all to a divine level of connection", shares MRS JOY.

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