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The big mission of MRS JOY’s first album is to bring our best alive.

Through a journey of self-discovery, the first song, ‘Inside of Yourself', understands that life can be hard sometimes. And from this place of compassion, MRS JOY, invites us to come with her and look deep in this place, where we can find the best of ourselves and all the answers we need to know.

From this magical inner place, MRS JOY, invites us to emerge in the second song, that carries the name of the Album: ‘You Have a Voice’. MRS JOY aims to bring the best of us alive, making us remember that we are humans, but we are more than we can see. She invites us to get in touch with our inner voice, that makes us shine to be the star we are.

The third song, ‘Wake-Up’, comes to harness this intention to wake-up this power, love and light that is asleep inside of each one of us.

With this power awakened, MRS JOY, brings her fifth song, inviting us to become a chain of love. MRS JOY wrote this song, ‘Chain of Love’, inspired with the intention to bring people’s hearts together to heal the world, from this massive stigma of depression, anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts and loneliness, that the whole world confronts nowadays. 'Chain Of Love' has a tone of an anthem to give hope to humankind.

After making feelings of love and hope reverberate from inside of us with ‘Chain of Love’, MRS JOY, brings the sixth song, as a profound pause to make us remember that ‘We Are One’.

And from this awakening, we can start to wake up everyday for the power of now with the song 'Today'. MRS JOY remembers us, that we have a new blank page everyday to write our own story in the best way we can. The song invites us to be high and happy to make our dreams come true.

The album starts to create a new synergy, bringing us to a new dimension of joy and self-love. As a pop song, the seventh song, ‘XOXOXO’, evokes this awareness to take care of ourselves in the present moment, as feeling the sun, loving ourselves, taking the stress out to find the freedom each one of us deserve to live.

In this place of fun and freedom, MRS JOY, brings a new rhythm for the album to shake our body, with the happiness of a Brazilian beat. ‘It’s More’, brings questions about God and from where this power comes from. By the end, we recognise, from a joyful place, that this energy is our soul, it’s everywhere and inside of us.

After a journey to a magical and happy-loving place inside of ourselves, the last song, ‘We are Angels’ brings the calmness to finish the Album. With the intention to make us to remember that we are Angels, MRS JOY cheer us to believe that we came from the sky!

From this empowered place, where we are connected with The Source Energy that brought us here... Now it’s time to bring our gifts to the world. YOU HAVE A VOICE.

I wish you to have an amazing journey to inside of yourself.

Make it Shine and Be Your Best.






Listen MRS JOY on Spotify
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